MR10 Adapter Mount

MR10 Adapter Mount-Safariland

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        MR10 - The MR10 converts the existing rail on SIG Pro 9mm and .40 S&W pistols (SP2009 and SP2340), providing the Picatinny-type rail necessary to mount the SureFire X Series WeaponLights. With the MR10 attached, the X Series WeaponLights can be easily slid off your pistol, carried separately, and slid on again when needed.

        The MR10 fits snugly and securely to the pistol. This lightweight, low-profile mount is slim enough to allow the pistol plus mount to fit most holsters made for SP2009 and SP2340. May not fit custom-molded holsters. Made from very high strength 7000 series aluminum; many competition mounts are made out 6000 series, which has about half the strength. Attaches via a 300-series stainless steel screw behind front of trigger guard.

        • Slim design allows holstering pistol-plus-mount in most pistol-appropriate holsters
        • Construction: Ultra high-strength 7000-series aluminum

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