35700 Scribe AAA

35700 Scribe AAA-ASP

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        The Scribe AAA is less than 4'' long and weighs just over 2 ounces, making it easy to carry in a shirt or pants pocket. It has the size and feel of a fine writing instrument but also the ruggedness, reliability and intensity of a backup duty light. Driven by a constant current circuit board, the Scribe AAA's latest XPG2 LED produces 130 lumens of light as measured against the ANSI FL-1 Standard. It has a continuous runtime of about 90 minutes. A sophisticated heat management system controls the body temperature of the light protecting it from overheating.

        The Scribe AAA is built to professional law enforcement standards. The 6061 aerospace aluminum is anodized with matte black Type III hardcoat and accented with Black Chrome, 18K Gold or Electroless Nickel. Every Scribe AAA has a heat-treated removeable pocket clip.

        A precision ground glass lens is optically coated on both sides, and the mirror polished aluminum reflector provides a penetrating central beam with a room-illuminating halo.

        The Scribe light accepts universally available AAA alkaline batteries. Newly introduced Energizer AAA lithium power cells that ASP sells run up to eight times (8X) longer than their alkaline counterparts.

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